Tardy Policy 2022-2023

Tardy Policy 2022-2023
Posted on 08/19/2022
Hello Eagle Family,
In order to operate our school efficiently, we will begin our tardy system on Wednesday August 17,
2022. Below you will find the policy and the school schedule for all students.
Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your support.
Tardy Policy
● 1-4 tardy – warning
● 5-7 tardy – lunch detention
● 8-10 tardy – after school detention- Location and start date TBD
● 11+ - ISS - Room 6-308 (portable)
* Please note that at any time a student refuses their consequence it will result in additional
discipline* Tardies reset every quarter.

2 or more tardies in the same day will result in immediate ISS.

FY23 Bell Schedule